Kurt Russell as Sheriff Franklin on a horse in Bone Tomahawk
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The Hateful Eight Majorly Changed Kurt Russell's Bone Tomahawk Character
Part of Kurt Russell's process is to consider every aspect of his character, especially when it comes to hair, makeup, and costuming.
However, previous commitments can interfere with the ideal circumstances for a role; such is the case for Russell's characters in "Bone Tomahawk," thanks to "The Hateful Eight."
Quentin Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight" required Russell to have a bushy beard, mustache, and full head of hair. This need ended up affecting his character in "Bone Tomahawk."
Russell told Esquire, "I would have changed my look significantly for this one. I would've had much shorter hair. Men at the time typically had shorter hair."
The actor continued, "I had no choice because we finished on a Saturday morning at 10:00 and I started rehearsal on Quentin's movie Monday morning at 8:00."
He added, "The look I have in 'Bone Tomahawk' was sort of a halfway house thing, halfway to where I was going for 'Hateful Eight.' It's in full blown maturity in 'Hateful Eight!'"