Leonard Nimoy as Spock on Star Trek
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The Improvised Leonard Nimoy Line That Changed Star Trek History
“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” saw the death of Spock after sacrificing himself to save the crew, which led to an improvised line that would set the course for the sequel.
Movie writer Harve Bennett asked Spock actor Leonard Nimoy to “add a thread” to the death scene by having Spock mind-meld with Dr. McCoy.
Nimoy himself suggested that Spock tell McCoy to “remember.” In his 1995 memoir “I Am Spock,” when Nimoy saw the film, he realized “how open” the door was for Spock’s return.
From “remember” to an ending scene of Spock’s coffin on planet Genesis, Nimoy shared he realized, “I’m going to be getting a call from Paramount!” Nimoy indeed got that call.
He not only agreed to return for “Star Trek III” but asked to direct it as well. Bennett returned to write the script for what became “The Search for Spock.”
Bennett came up with the idea of Spock transferring his “Katra,” or consciousness, to McCoy via the mind meld. The line and Bennett’s idea set the stage for Spock’s return.