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The Most Frustrating Horror Movie Snubs In Oscars History
Anya Taylor-Joy
In “The Witch,” Anya Taylor-Joy plays Thomasin, a Puritan teenager blamed by her family for the horrific acts of a witch living in the nearby woods. With her bright future, Taylor-Joy seems destined for forthcoming awards, but official recognition for her star-making turn as Thomasin is a glaring omission.
John Carpenter
“The Thing” has become known for jaw-dropping special effects, wickedly dry humor, and a palpable feeling of paranoia that carries through to its ambiguous ending. Although his directing for "The Thing" was unjustly ignored by the Academy, John Carpenter remains very proud of his iconic film.
Anton Yelchin
Anton Yelchin gives a devastating performance in “Green Room,” a harrowing film about a punk rock band on a shoestring tour of the Pacific Northwest. Yelchin lived long enough to see praise for “Green Room,” but the Academy missed its chance to posthumously honor this promising actor gone too soon.
Bob Clark
Bob Clark's “Black Christmas” follows Jess and her sorority sisters, as they fend off attacks from a stealthy killer making lewd phone calls from the attic. Clark's deft handling of the film’s cinematic device to never show the killer sparked a slasher craze, and it led to an all-time ending in horror history.
Nyman And Albarn
Composed by Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn, the soundtrack of “Ravenous” matches the film's jarring tone and blends traditional orchestral arrangements with a discordant fiddle and the rustic instruments of Appalachia. The score is a rare cinematic delicacy that remains largely unfamiliar to mainstream audiences.