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The Most Over-the-Top Moments In 65, Ranked
"65" follows a space pilot named Mills (Adam Driver) and Koa (Arianna Greenblatt), two survivors of a ship crash trying to find their escape pod, all while dodging carnivorous dinosaurs on prehistoric Earth. The film tries to, in its directors’ words, "make dinosaurs scary again" and is laced with some over-the-top moments — these are the best ones.
9. Crash Landing
"65" opens with a ship on autopilot flying through space, only to be torn to shreds by an unforeseen asteroid belt despite Mills' best efforts, leaving him stranded on Cretaceous-era Earth. The entire sequence is dizzying and chaotic, making the audience feel like they are in the cockpit with Mills.
8. Baby Dinosaur
On their way to the only functioning escape vessel, Koa and Mills free a cute baby dinosaur trapped in a tar-like substance, but their tender moment is cut short when four carnivorous Oviraptors attack and kill it. It's a shocking, albeit darkly comedic, moment that shows in the world of "65," no creature is safe.
7. Little Raptor
When a baby raptor appears out of nowhere and attacks Mills, he ultimately bludgeons it to death. If this were a "Jurassic" film, the first sighting of dinosaurs would be awe-inspiring, but here, it's one of the best jump scares in the movie, and the sequence establishes that Mills will do whatever he needs to do to survive.
6. Gooey Insects
Koa and Mills' first encounter with insects happens when a giant insect lands on Mills' neck, and he smashes it, leaving him with a gooey mess that makes Koa chuckle. Later, Mills finds a prehistoric insect in Koa's mouth and zaps it, causing it to explode and leading to the disgustingly grotesque sight of Koa barfing up its remains.