A demonic hand reaching for the light in Hellhole
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The Nauseating Polish Horror Film Terrifying Netflix Fans
Bartosz M. Kowalski’s 2022 film “Hellhole” is getting the attention of Netflix watchers, but some viewers are offering advice to those wanting to see the Polish horror movie.
The film features many disturbing moments, including scenes where the protagonist Marek is forced to eat meat that appears rotten by the monks he’s investigating.
Due to its nauseating scenes involving rancid-looking meat, Twitter user Balzabul shared, “Tip for the new Netflix horror movie ‘Hellhole’: don’t eat anything while watching.”
Despite its stomach-churning moments, some horror fans praised the film for how it accomplishes its goal of making audiences uncomfortable during
their viewing.
Pop culture aficionado Lord Ashen Jackal said “Hellhole” was “A brutal and nauseating horror film that really flips the tables on the viewer. The music [...] is astounding too.”
The English title is “Hellhole,” but its Polish title, “Ostatnia Wieczerza,” translates to “The Last Supper,” which might be more apt considering its eating and religious themes.