Kurt Russell as Jack Burton and Kim Cattrall as Gracie Law in Big Trouble in Little China
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The One Rule Kurt Russell Has For A Big Trouble In Little China Remake
Rumors of a "Big Trouble in Little China" remake/continuation came out as early as 2015. While there isn't much official news, Collider spoke with Kurt Russell about the project.
Russell wondered why many of his old movies were being remade and commented that there should at least be a good reason to revisit the material.
He said, "I don't know what their reasons are for remaking the movie, but I hope that they have the right reasons. And I hope that they do it well and good luck, what can I say?"
Russell may not know why they would remake or create a sequel to the cult classic film, but the actor said to those involved, "Hang in there, good luck, go get em'."