Actor Michael Dorn, who plays Lt. Worf in the TV show "Star Trek-The Next Generation," in the Worf makeup
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The One Star Trek Scene Michael Dorn Wishes Had Included Worf
Michael Dorn’s Worf is a key player in “Star Trek,” and he rarely complained about his screen time. However, there was one moment Dorn thought Worf should have been present for.
In an interview on “Jake’s Takes,” Dorn shared how Worf should have been included in the climactic battle against the Romulan ship, the Scimitar, in “Star Trek: Nemesis.”
Dorn said, “Although Worf isn’t the lead in the shows, I think they’ve given me some great moments. [...] The last movie, there’s a scene where there’s a big battle going on.”
The actor continued, “Worf isn’t in the battle. And I go, ‘Uh, really? Worf? Big guy? Klingon sword? Not in this battle?’ That was one.”