John Larroquette in Night Court and its reboot
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The Only Surviving Stars Of 1984’s Night Court
The NBC sitcom “Night Court” was such a hit that a modern version came out in 2023. Sadly, a few original members were not seen in the reboot, but some were.
John Larroquette
After joining “Night Court” in 1984, John Larroquette won four Primetime Emmys for his role as prosecutor Dan Fielding. He continued acting when the show ended.
Since the original “Night Court,” Larroquette has worked primarily on other TV shows. He recently reprised his role as Fielding on the reboot.
Marsha Warfield
Marsha Warfield joined the “Night Court” cast in season 4 as the bailiff, Rosalind “Roz” Russell. She mostly worked in television since the end of the original show.
The comedienne has appeared in the reboot in one episode of each of the two seasons. If the series is renewed, it’s possible we’ll see her again.
Joleen Lutz
Joleen Lutz was on the final two seasons of “Night Court,” playing court stenographer Lisette Hocheiser. After, she mostly appeared on television.
Hocheiser has only appeared in three projects since 2008; she has not announced any new projects and has no plans to return for the reboot.
William Utay
William Utay played a homeless man named Phil Sanders on “Night Court” and appeared in 35 episodes. When his character was killed off, came back to play his evil twin.
Though Utay has had supporting roles in several films and television shows, he has not acted in some time and is not slated to appear in the reboot.