Tippi Hedren in The Birds
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The Only Surviving Stars Of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds
Although most of the main and supporting cast members of "The Birds" are no longer with us, their legacy is immortalized in Alfred Hitchcock's beloved film.
Tippi Hedren
Her character Melanie barely survives Alfred Hitchcock’s "The Birds," but Tippi Hedren is one of two stars in the film who has lived to see the 2020s.
Hedren worked with Hitchcock again on "Marnie" but did not have much of a career afterward. She levied several claims of psychological and sexual abuse against the director.
Veronica Cartwright
Veronica Cartwright celebrated her 13th birthday on the film’s set. She keeps in contact with Hedren; they reunited for a 50th-anniversary screening in 2013.
She later starred in "Alien," "The Witches of Eastwick," and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," and most recently landed a recurring role in the CW series "Gotham Knights."