Dirk Benedict in Battlestar Galactica
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The Only Surviving Stars Of Battlestar Galactica
Dirk Benedict
The handsome Dirk Benedict played the roguish Lieutenant Starbuck. A Han Solo type, he was the show's most lighthearted character who drank, smoked, and gambled.
Benedict was a mainstay in 1970s and 1980s television, having appeared in many of the hit shows of the day, including "Hawaii Five-O," "Charlie's Angels," and "The A-Team."
Noah Hathaway
The youngest cast member was Noah Hathaway, who played Boxey. He was often seen playing with his furry yet metallic robot dog, Muffit.
Hathaway is also known from "The NeverEnding Story" and "Troll." More recently, he was in the 2018 film "Blue Dream" and he still turns up at conventions to sign autographs.
Herbert Jefferson
Lieutenant Boomer, the Viper pilot played by Herbert Jefferson, Jr., was Starbuck's best friend and the logical, more pragmatic balance to the party boy.
Before "Battlestar," Jefferson was in several Emmy-nominated miniseries, like "Rich Man, Poor Man." Later, he was in the "Apollo 13" and the virus blockbuster "Outbreak."