Family Affair cast
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The Only Surviving Stars of Family Affair
Kathy Garver
Former child star Kathy Garver began acting at a young age, but "Family Affair" marked her breakthrough role, playing older sister Cissy.
She appeared in shows like "Matlock" and "Nash Bridges," had roles in films like "The Princess Diaries," was in several TV movies, and does a lot of work as a voice actor.
Garver has been frank about her normalcy in the face of fame. She advocates the need for child acting reform, referencing Coogan's Law and the work of A Minor Consideration.
Johnny Whitaker
Young actor Johnny Whitaker played Jody, the six-year-old twin to Buffy. After his time on the show, he continued acting, but at one point left Hollywood.
Whitaker and Garver seem to have a complicated relationship. He surprised her on "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" and apologized for anything he may have done to cause "bad blood."
The former child star has been open about his own struggles with addiction. He's now a Certified Addiction Counselor and Advocate, per his website.