Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
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The Only Surviving Stars Of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
Harrison Ford
The actor who plays Indiana Jones shares his luck. Like Indy does at the end of "Temple of Doom" Act One, Ford survived a plane crash in 2015.
A top movie star through the decades, he starred in films like "The Fugitive" and "Air Force One," and revived his iconic roles like Indy and Star Wars’ Han Solo.
Kate Capshaw
Kate Capshaw played Indy’s girlfriend, Willie Scott, and met her future husband making the movie. She became Kate Spielberg in 1991 and has five children with Steven.
Ke Huy Quan
Short Round, or Shorty, is a 12-year-old Chinese orphan and Indy's sidekick, played by Vietnamese-American child actor Ke Huy Quan.
In the following year, 1985, Quan played Data in "The Goonies." He’s since worked as a choreographer and an assistant film director and acted in "Everything Everywhere All At Once."
Roshan Seth
As Prime Minister Chattar Lal, Roshan Seth greeted Indy upon arrival in Pankot. Since the movie, Seth has steadily worked in American, British, and Indian film and TV.
Ric Young
Since playing the villain Kao Kan, Ric Young has appeared in Oliver's Stone "Nixon,” "American Gangster," and plays Dr. Zhang Lee in the spy drama “Alias.”