John Astin as Gomez Addams
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The Only Surviving Stars Of The 1960’s Addams Family Series
Starting as a cartoon but a TV series in 1964, "The Addams Family" lived every day like it was Halloween. Sadly, most of the original cast are no longer with us.
John Astin is the only surviving cast member. He played the patriarch of the Addams clan, Gomez Addams, a former lawyer and frequent cigar smoker.
A prominent TV actor, Astin began his career in the theater. His big movie break came from a small role in "West Side Story," but it's "The Addams Family" he's best known for.
Astin also had other film roles, including "Freaky Friday" (1976), "National Lampoon's European Vacation" (1985), and "The Frighteners" (1996).
Astin has five sons and is the adoptive father of actor Sean Astin. His final credited role before retirement was providing a voice for the animated series "Justice League Action."