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The Only Surviving Stars Of The Bob Newhart Show
Of the talented stars that comprised the main cast of “The Bob Newhart Show,’ only two actors are still with us today.
Bob Newhart
Playing the titular character, Dr. Bob Hartley, turned out to be just one major stage in the career of comedian Bob Newhart, who later headlined three more shows.
After the series wrapped, he starred in "Newhart," "Bob," and "George and Leo." Newhart continues to act, most recently appearing in "Young Sheldon" as Professor Proton.
Peter Bonerz
After playing orthodontist Dr. Jerry Robinson on "The Bob Newhart Show," Peter Bonerz began working primarily as a director.
His most prolific work has been in television, where he directed dozens of episodes of "Murphy Brown" as well as plenty of "Friends," "Home Improvement," "Wings," "ALF," and more.