Marla Gibbs on The Jeffersons
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The Only Surviving Stars Of The Jeffersons
"The Jeffersons" premiered almost 50 years ago, so it's not surprising that most cast members have moved on up to deluxe accommodations in the great beyond.
Damon Evans
Damon Evans played son Lionel Jefferson for three seasons (Mike Evans, unrelated, played the role in other seasons).
After the show, Evans continued acting as author Alex Haley on "Roots: The Next Generations" in 1979. He also appeared in a couple of films and found success on stage.
Berlinda Tolbert
Berlinda Tolbert played the part of Jenny Willis Jefferson, daughter of the interracial couple Tom Willis and Helen Willis and eventually Lionel's wife.
After the show, Tolbert worked steadily on television and played Richard Pryor's wife in "Harlem Nights." Now 74, she retired in the late 2000s to take care of her aging parents.
Jay Hammer
Jay Hammer played Allan Willis, the son of Tom and Helen Willis. Hammer went on to play journalist Fletcher Reade on "Guiding Light" between 1984 and 1998.
Marla Gibbs
As the Jeffersons' tart-tongued maid Florence Johnston, Marla Gibbs was integral to the show's long run. She won five Primetime Emmy nominations for her exceptional work.
Later, creators C.J. Banks and Bill Boulware built the sitcom "227" for her, and she appeared in many other '90s shows and earned a Hollywood Walk Of Fame star.