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The Only Surviving Stars Of The Original Tron Movie
Digital technology was still emerging in the 1980s. When Tron premiered, the public wasn't ready for a movie filled with symbolic computer metaphors.
Some actors reprised their roles for the 2010 sequel, "Tron: Legacy," but not everyone survived long enough to see the original film's resurgence in popularity.
Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges' star was already on the rise when he landed the lead role of Kevin Flynn in Tron. He starred in hit films like "The Big Lebowski" and "True Grit."
The actor even won an Oscar in 2010 for his lead role in "Crazy Heart." The same year, he reprised his role as Kevin Flynn in "Tron: Legacy."
Bruce Boxleitner
Although Bruce Boxleitner had played several roles in television series and made-for-TV movies, playing Alan Bradley was his first time on the big screen.
Boxleitner appeared in "Tron: Legacy" and voice-acted for several other entries in the "Tron" franchise, including the 2012 animated series "Tron: Uprising" and several videogames.
Boxleitner also penned two science fiction novels, "Frontier Earth" and "Searcher." He recently reprised his role in the animated film "Babylon 5: The Road Home."
Dan Shor
Dan Shor is the actor behind Roy Kleinberg, an ENCOM employee, a close friend and ally of "Tron" main characters Troy and Flynn, and embodied the program, Ram.
Shor continued working in movies through the '80s and had guest spots on major TV series. He reprised his role as Roy Kleinberg in the 2011 short film "Tron: The Next Day."