Gretchen Corbett from Rockford Files
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The Only Surviving Stars Of The Rockford Files
"The Rockford Files" ran for six seasons with James Garner as the always-cool Jim Rockford. Garner passed away in 2014, and only a few castmates are still with us today.
Gretchen Corbett
Gretchen Corbett played lawyer and Rockford’s love interest Beth Davenport in 33 episodes of the show, and three "Rockford" TV movies after the series ended.
Corbett has since appeared in movies like the Angelina Jolie drama "Without Evidence," other TV series episodes, like “Cheers,” and “Portlandia,” and many theater productions.
Tom Atkins
Tom Atkins played Lieutenant Alex Diel, the boss who bristled at Rockford's investigative process. After the show, he transitioned to horror and sci-fi pretty quickly.
Horror fans will remember his roles in classics like "Escape From New York," "Creepshow," and "The Fog," or when his viscera was flung at the audience in "My Bloody Valentine 3D.”
Now in his late '80s, Atkins appeared in a 2023 episode of Shudder's "Creepshow," and he has Twitter abuzz as "Terrifier" fans speculate that he could join the cast.