Crimson Countess
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The Powers & History Of Every Supe In The Boys’ Payback Team Explained
Swatto was getting killed off in the first episode. He met his ultimately cowardly death after flying into the air, alerting the Sandinistas to the U.S. camp in Nicaragua.
Although his time on the show greatly differed from his appearances in the comics, Swatto is meant to be a parody of both Ant-Man and the Wasp from Marvel Comics.
Unfortunately, it didn't take long for this Second Amendment-defending, left-wing-socialism-fighting American "badass" to get carved up by a Suped-up Butcher.
In the comics, Gunpowder was not affiliated with Payback but rather the group Teenage Kix, a group that held A-Train among its former members in both the comics and the show.
Tommy and Tessa
The TNT Twins have goofy powers and are the hosts of Herogasm. They don't have any comic history to analyze and are perhaps the most arrogant members of Payback.
Tommy and Tessa bring to mind two different sibling duos: Marvel's Northstar and Aurora and DC's Wonder Twins, although the latter duo seems to have more influence.
This guy is an enigma. We don’t know his whereabouts so we can mark him safe from Soldier Boy, but Butcher has already tracked down almost all his former teammates.
While the name Mindstorm is wholly original, there is the possibility that he is the show's version of Mind-Droid, a parody of Marvel's Vision right down to his color scheme.
Crimson Countess
Unlike the show, Crimson’s lover in the comics was Mind-Droid, whom she often cheated on. Her death was also at the hands of Butcher rather than Soldier Boy.
Crimson Countess' appearance and ability to conjure her powers through her hands resemble Marvel's Scarlet Witch, but she can create orbs of fire and energy.