Caitlin Stasey as Laura Weaver in Smile
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The Scariest Moments From The 2022 Hit Horror Movie 'Smile'
10. Looming Specter
After several terrifying visions and a fight with her fiancé Trevor, Rose is left alone in her bedroom and feels something watching her from the bathroom.
Parker Finn subverts expectations of a jump scare. Instead, an eerie figure is revealed to be standing in a prominent place, making it feel like the entity is toying with her.
9. Phone Call
Rose believes she's talking on the phone with the security company. However, the real phone rings, revealing that the entity is making Rose hallucinate.
The phone call fake-out shows the audience that they cannot trust what Rose hears and sees to be real, making every scene that follows more unnerving.
8. Carl
In the beginning, a catatonic patient named Carl repeats to Rose, "Nothing matters, no one matters, we're all dead." Later on, he sits up and yells, "You're going to die!"
This turns out to be another hallucination caused by the entity. Carl's violent shift in demeanor is jarring and induces an immediate sense of unease.
7. Rose's Patient
Rose attacks Carl in front of Dr. Desai. Carl's screams morph from agony to glee until Rose turns to the doctor and sees him rip his own face off.
This is yet another hallucination, but the first few stabs at Carl seem very real, leaving the audience questioning where Rose and the film could go from here.
6. Dead Cat
At her nephew's birthday party, Rose's long-missing cat is found inside her present to him, dead. She tries to plead with her horrified family that it wasn't her doing.
Unfortunately, Rose falls through a table and gets glass shards in her arms. The entity slowly isolates Rose by making others think she's losing her mind.