Leela and Fry in Futurama
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The Secret Weapon Behind Futurama’s Most Emotional Scenes
While most voice actors often record their dialogue separately and at different times from their co-stars, there are some times when group recording is preferred.
In a 2013 interview with the AV Club, “Futurama” co-creator David X. Cohen shared how the show has Billy West and Katey Sagal record together for Fry and Leela’s romantic scenes.
Cohen noted that the “big emotion” scenes of “Futurama” require much more finesse than the show’s usual comedy scenes, as getting the timing right for those scenes is harder.
He explained, “Those scenes are the most difficult and are where you find you have to do the most takes.” Cohen felt West and Sagal needed to react to each other.
Cohen added, “[W]e recorded some of the really deep scenes between Fry and Leela individually and tried to piece it together.” However, this didn’t work for the creator.
Eventually, Cohen decided to get the actors together. He shared, “The emotional stuff is very difficult in a cartoon, and those scenes often require the most work.”