Marc Menchaca starring in Alone
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The Serial Killer Thriller That’s Dominating The Netflix Charts
In the world of streaming, Netflix is a go-to platform for rediscovering movies and earning audience acclaim. A prime example is the gripping, underseen thriller of 2020, “Alone.”
John Hyams helms “Alone,” a taut, simple, effective little thriller about a kidnapped woman, played by Jules Willcox. It deserves the audience it's now finding, thanks to Netflix.
Willcox portrays Jessica, a recently widowed woman embarking on a road trip to her new home. She encounters a mysterious man while traveling along roads flanked by dense woods.
The mysterious man, Sam, played by Marc Menchaca, claims his truck has broken down and requests a ride from her, but Jessica declines because there's something off about him.
Sam tracks down Jessica, drugs her, and abducts her to a secluded cabin. Now, she must escape and survive, fleeing through the dense woods while pursued.
The film garners praise largely thanks to the outstanding performances of Wilcox and Menchaca and its female lead fighting back instead of playing the damsel in distress.