Leele, Fry, and Bender from Futurama
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The Simple Futurama Line That Caused The Writers Two Full Days Of Pain
The “Futurama” episode “War is the H-Word” sees Fry, Leela, and Bender joining the military and going to war against a sentient species of fleshy ball beings.
The episode is filled with ball-related puns, such as the line from the head of Henry Kissinger pleading for peace, “We have seen too many body bags and ball sacks.”
While a majority of the jokes were simple and childish, creator Matt Groening revealed on a Reddit AMA that one of Kissinger’s gave the writers headaches for two days.
During the negotiations, Bender threatens the Brain Balls. However, he’s unsure where to shove the peace accords and asks, “Where do you shove things up a ball?”
Kissinger responds, “This isn’t a productive area of discussion.” Groening says that joke took the team “two full days of nonstop unusable testicle jokes” to come with the line.
He added, “We were going crazy, exasperated and fatigued with the all the balls puns that we were unable to stop making.” Two days later, someone finally uttered that line.