Marge and Homer Simpson at a funeral
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The Simpsons Apologizes For Killing Off A Series-Long Character
Larry, a barfly who was always seated at the bar at Moe's Tavern and one of Homer Simpson's various drinking buddies, recently died.
While his drinking buddies, Barney, Lenny, and Carl, have had subplots, Larry was always a silent background player, looking a little sick as he chugged another Duff Beer.
Tim Long, a consulting producer of "The Simpsons," told TMZ that some viewers found the episode depressing, but the sitcom writers wanted Larry's death "to hit the audience hard."
Knowing Larry’s death upset viewers, Long said, "Fans seemed to take it as hard as Homer and the gang did during the episode — because it speaks to how beloved the show still is."
In the episode, Larry dies while seated at Moe's bar. Homer and the gang come to learn that while they never gave Larry much attention, he considered all of them to be his friends.