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The Six Simple Words That Inspired Futurama’s Randy
Although the “Futurama” background character Randy was never fully explored, voice actor John DiMaggio has been outspoken about his love for him.
In an interview with the AV Club, DiMaggio talked about the inception of Randy and the six-word phrase that the creators used to describe him: “He’s a man in the crowd.”
Randy was never meant to be more than a background voice, but DiMaggio gave the character a little personality when asked to take on the role.
DiMaggio explained, “There’s always that one guy who says, ‘This is baloney! I throw a red flag on this!’ There’s always that guy.” Randy would become “that guy.”
Randy was also drawn initially to be an old man. After hearing DiMaggio voice the character, the show redesigned the character to his current look, complete with a pink outfit.