Sonequa Martin-Green starring in Star Trek Discovery
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The Touching Ritual Star Trek: Discovery’s Cast Followed Every Day
As the U.S.S. Discovery's journey draws to a close after five seasons, the cast and crew gathered at South By Southwest to reflect on their unforgettable experiences on the show.
Among the cherished memories, actor Wilson Cruz, known for his role as Dr. Hugh Culber, unveiled a heartwarming tradition that brought the crew and cast together each day on set.
Cruz described the daily tradition of appreciating one another. The entire cast gathered daily to honor and thank a crew member for their dedication and hard work.
This gratitude gesture went further, with each crew member receiving a medal, symbolizing their role. The next day, it passed to another member, continuing the appreciation cycle.
This ritual aligned with “Star Trek” values of unity, respect, and compassion. It gave hope for a more appreciative environment amid industry reports of crew mistreatment.