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The Twilight Zone Was Canceled To Make Room For A Forgotten ‘60s Sitcom
In 1962, Rod Serling's iconic television series “The Twilight Zone” encountered an unforeseen obstacle, leading to its temporary removal from the airwaves after three seasons.
Per Marc Scott Zicree's “The Twilight Zone Companion,” Serling was dealing with burnout from his roles as executive producer, host, and writer, but CBS also fueled tensions.
A setback occurred when the television show could no longer find a sponsor. Without consultation, CBS then aired a new series titled “Fair Exchange” in the same time slot.
This abrupt replacement of the show led to backend issues and a decrease in Serling's involvement. Over time, he became disillusioned, and “Fair Exchange” was eventually canceled.
“The Twilight Zone” later made a return to reclaim the slot in January of 1963. However, by this time, much of Serling's crew, including producer Buck Houghton, had moved on.
The change grew Serling's creative burnout, adding to the decline of the series. The stories lost impact, leading to the removal of the show with its fifth and final season.