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The Unglamorous Job Alan Ruck Had After Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Alan Ruck shot "Ferris Bueller" at age 29, his "swan song as a teen actor.” He played Ferris' neurotic best friend with a head cold who reluctantly goes along on his escapades.
Ruck had started a family in Chicago and had a hard time finding a project as exciting as "Ferris Bueller" to follow up his breakout role.
With no other work on the horizon and no way to make ends meet, Ruck was forced to seek assistance from employment services and was sent to the Sears warehouse.
When people recognized the actor from "Ferris Bueller," he would pretend it wasn't him. He concealed his identity to shield himself from embarrassment.
While working at Sears, he landed a spot on an ABC sitcom called "Going Places." The stable income permitted him to buy a house and quit his minimum-wage job.
Ruck now stars in HBO's Emmy award-winning show "Succession," a groundbreaking drama about an exorbitantly wealthy family struggling for power over a media empire.