Steve Cartisano next to teenagers
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Think Twice Before Turning On This Dark Netflix True Crime Documentary
Netflix's "Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare" is a true crime documentary so salacious most viewers couldn't help but binge on. However, many are finding it too disturbing to watch.
"Hell Camp" revolves around The Challenger Foundation, a two-month wilderness therapy camp that was basically an abuse and torture operation meant to "set troubled teens straight."
Overseen by former military officer Steve Cartisano, the '80s program took teens away from their parents, often by way of staged kidnappings, and dumped them in the wilderness.
The "attendees" were forced to hike hundreds of miles across the Utah desert and humiliatingly punished if they complained. One teen even died enduring the so-called discipline.
Many were shocked by the documentary. The Daily Mail quoted one X user as writing, "Highly recommend [...] to NEVER watch [the documentary]. This is disgusting on too many levels."
Since wilderness therapy camps are still a thing, many are criticizing "Hell Camp" for taking a sensationalist approach to a very serious topic that remains pertinent to this day.