Nic Cage in Left Behind
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This Nicolas Cage Film Has A Sad 0% Rotten Tomatoes Score
In 2014, actor Nicolas Cage appeared in the first theatrical version of "Left Behind," playing a pilot named Rayford Steele. After 70 Rotten Tomatoes reviews, it has a 0% rating.
The Rapture has specific rules in the "Left Behind" movies. Christians are bodily transported into Heaven, leaving behind their clothes and all inorganic materials.
Those left behind are guilty of non-Christian infractions like divorce or atheism. Once the Rapture occurs, the rest of the film becomes something of a plane disaster thriller.
Steele’s co-pilots are Raptured, so he has to find a way to land his plane safely. He has to reach out to his daughter Chloe (Cassi Thompson) who is on the ground in New York.
The theology of "Left Behind" is dodgy enough to begin with, and its intentions are impure. It seeks to shame nonbelievers into converting, and it’s cheap.