T.J. Thyne as Jack Hodgins in the lab in Bones
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T.J. Thyne Broke One Of His Biggest Rules By Playing Jack In Bones
T.J. Thyne found himself in a long-running TV series as Jack Hodgins on “Bones”; however, this put the actor in a position he had been trying to avoid for years.
Thyne shared with Oh No They Didn’t!, “To be completely honest, I’ve always resisted the whole’ series regular’ thing.” The actor didn’t want to play the same character for years.
“But when Bones came along and the character of Jack Hodgins had so many different colors and opportunities, I took a risk for the first time. And I’m so glad I did,” Thyne added.
The actor would appear in 245 of the show’s 246 episodes before its finale in 2017. While Thyne missed playing other characters, he said he was “thrilled” to have been on “Bones.”