Walter Goggins as The Ghoul
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Walton Goggins Personally Arranged Fallout’s Justified Reunion
Spoiler Warning!
This post contains spoilers for "Fallout" season 1, as well as "Justified" and "Justified: City Primeval."
Walton Goggins stars in "Fallout" as the actor-turned-undead gunslinger, Ghoul. On "Justified" and "Justified: City Primeval," he played smooth-talking Boyd Crowder.
Goggins' "Fallout" role capitalizes on the Western antihero appeal he had on "Justified," but it also brings him face to face with an actor he's worked with before.
Mykelti Williamson, who played butcher and season 3 bad guy Ellstin Limehouse on "Justified," appears at the end of the "Fallout" premiere as Honcho.
In an IndieWire interview, Goggins said this brief reunion was no accident. "This role was coming up and they asked me point blank if I knew someone," Goggins told the outlet.
"I said, 'I know the perfect guy: Mykelti. He would be incredible in this. I can give him a call if you think that it's a reality,'" Goggins recounted.
The “Fallout” team loved Williamson, and he got to give him the good news. "I called him and he said, 'Yeah, man, I'll get on a plane. I'll come out there,'" Goggins recalled.
The actor said the two have "remained really good friends" since co-starring in the third season of "Justified." Goggins added, "I love him. He's a great man."