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Wes Anderson Reveals What His 2024 Oscar Speech Would’ve Been
Wes Anderson finally won an Oscar in the live-action short film category for “The Wonderful Life of Henry Sugar”; however, he wasn’t present at the event to accept the award.
Although some see Anderson’s absence as him thumbing his nose at the voting body, this wasn’t the case. In a statement, he revealed the less dramatic truth about his absence.
Anderson shared that he and producer Steven Rales were “in Germany and we start shooting our new movie early tomorrow morning, so I did not actually receive the award [in person].”
He shared who he would have thanked in his acceptance speech, which included the family of Roald Dahl, the Netflix team, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Ralph Fiennes.
Anderson also expressed his gratitude to Owen Wilson, saying that if he had not met the actor in college, “I would certainly not be receiving this award tonight.”