Kitchen staff on The Bear
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What All Of The Bear’s Confusing Kitchen Lingo Really Means
There are lots of blind corners in restaurant kitchens, and it's very easy to slam into someone else. This is why staff yell "Corner!" before going around one.
Similarly, the staff yells, "Behind!" when they are directly behind someone, usually if they're carrying something so that the person in front knows not to stop too quickly.
There's a constant sense of urgency in a kitchen, so staff uses shorthand such as "hands." This means they need someone to hold or carry something immediately.
The other urgent order in a kitchen is "fire" followed by a food order, which means to make it immediately. Similarly, a refire means to make it over, fast.
Sometimes the restaurant runs out of ingredients to make more of a particular entree. When that happens, and the restaurant can’t serve it any more, that item is 86'd.
Many kitchens have a whiteboard somewhere with the all-day totals and 86'd items written on them; someone also usually goes around telling everyone what is not longer available.