American actor Mark Hamill on the set of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
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What Is Project 4K77? The Ambitious Star Wars Fan Remaster Explained
The current version of "Star Wars" on Disney+ is far different from the film that appeared on release. Starwoids have become very annoyed by the persistent re-edits.
It seems that George Lucas or Disney constantly recut the film to match new mandates, and the original theatrical cut of "Star Wars" hasn't been made publicly available since 1993.
Fans have been attempting to "rescue" "Star Wars" for years, and Project 4K77 is a massive undertaking that seeks to remaster the original 1977 cut of "Star Wars" in 4K.
This is a years-long project undertaken by non-professionals who want to defy corporate control of "Star Wars" and present the world with the original movie.
George Lucas, it seems, is determined to erase the original "Star Wars" cuts from existence, and many fans feel that erasing the original cuts is an act of cultural vandalism.
In defiance of Lucas, Project 4K77 scoured all available sources for original "Star Wars" footage and created 1080p and UHD versions, logging their struggles along the way.
Project 4K77's mission statement is simple and relevant in 2024: corporate ownership of certain movies is not consumer-friendly and shows no respect for film history.