Henry Cavill as Superman hovering in the air in Man of Steel
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What Richard Donner Really Thought About Henry Cavill's Superman
Zack Snyder introduced a more cynical DCU with 2013's "Man of Steel"; however, many disliked this darker Superman, including 1978's "Superman: The Movie" director Richard Donner.
Donner introduced the world to the superhero blockbuster with his classic take on DC's iconic hero, highlighting the character's most noble qualities on screen.
When speaking to Den Of Geek, Donner said he wanted to "make a good movie about this beloved character and treat him with our greatest respect."
In the same interview, the director questioned the modern take on Superman, saying, "I don't see Superman as the way he's being treated today, which is in a very dark fashion."
He continued, "I think we're in strange, dark days of moviemaking, but Superman was a hero. He was a fantasy, but we believed him. He's not treated like that anymore."