Heath Ledger as the Joker in jail
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What The Dark Knight Rises Had Planned For Heath Ledger’s Joker
Heath Ledger's Joker in "The Dark Knight" may be the most well-known iteration of the character, and there were plans to have the Joker in the second and third films.
According to David S. Goyer, who crafted the story for the entire "Dark Knight Trilogy," the first film was going to end with Batman, Gordon, and Dent capturing Joker.
Goyer said, "The next one would have Batman enlisting the aid of Gordon and Dent in bringing down The Joker...but not killing him, which is a mistake they made in the first one."
"In the third, the Joker would go on trial, scarring Dent in the process," Goyer added. This plot is almost lifted verbatim from the classic Batman story "The Long Halloween."
However, director and co-writer Christopher Nolan combines these elements into a single story: one of the Joker's traps scars Dent, who becomes Two-Face.
Nolan made the right choice. The decision to have "The Dark Knight Rises" explore the fallout of both the Joker and Dent's actions made for a more interesting movie.