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What The Harshest Critics Had To Say About Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
Trekkies have a wonderful time debating which of the Trek movies is best, but looking back at some of the critics’ reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, not everyone loves "Wrath of Khan."
David Denby
In the New York Times, David Denby said Khan was an over-the-top figure in a film that wasn't terribly engaging with the same old TV storylines.
Derek Malcolm
In the Guardian, Derek Malcolm spoiled the film's twist ending, said the dialogue was dumb and felt the director served nostalgia rather than audience engagement.
David Kehr
Writing for the Chicago Reader, David Kehr’s review was dismissive, saying that the story was nonsensical but at least engaged the viewer on the level of a thriller.
Paul Taylor
Cruelest of all was Paul Taylor, writing for Time Out. He was aggressively unamused in his review and felt the film’s tone was harmfully corny.