Daniel Craig as James Bond
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When James Bond’s Longtime Producer Thinks The Series Will End
The shocking climax to 2021’s “No Time to Die” sees Daniel Craig’s take on legendary super spy James Bond come to an end as 007 sacrifices his life to save his loved ones.
However, given that Bond is a cultural icon, it’s unlikely the character is truly gone for good. Amazon currently holds partial rights to the films, sharing them with Danjaq LLC.
Established by original Bond producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, Danjaq LLC owns Eon Productions, which is co-ran by Broccoli’s children.
As of 2023, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have the final say in any Bond productions. Both long-time producers have stated that the character will always remain.
In the book “Some Kind of Hero,” Broccoli said, “As long as the audience wants to see the films they will be made by us, or by some version of our descendants.”
Wilson echoed Broccoli’s statement, “He’s a fictitious character that is part of the culture, so he’s like Sherlock Holmes or Batman. There will always be a Bond.”
Broccoli and Wilson’s children have become involved in the Bond franchise to some degree, meaning their influence over the series could persist.