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Why Annabelle Wallis Wanted To Be A Part Of Peaky Blinders
First working as an undercover agent, Annabelle Wallis’ Grace Burgess played a pivotal role in Tommy Shelby’s (Cillian Murphy) life before her devastating death forever altered his arc and hurried his downfall. Wallis was drawn to the characters and took her role as a personal challenge, revealing that “Peaky Blinders” allowed her to experiment with her craft.
Steven Knight’s solid script sold Wallis on “Peaky Blinders,” who shared, “The whole idea of it being about this crime family and the romantic ideas of crime like in gangster films and Westerns and all that kind of came to play after reading the script and — it intrigued me. Everyone’s so feisty and strong and so different and so complex. I just fell in love with it straight away.”
Wallis further explained why “Peaky Blinders” is unique, saying, “Obviously there’s great writing out there but for me, that was something about this that really stood out, in its style, its pace, its dealing with strong women. British period drama is always seen as kind of perfect and beautiful and lovely but I don’t think subcultures have been shone a light on like ‘Peaky Blinders’ has done.”