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Why Band Of Brothers Was A 'Vital' Production For The British Film Industry
Over the years, Brits have proven to be especially sensitive when matters concern representations of their history, such as the country's place in the world wars. So, when the BBC invested in Steven Spielberg’s “Band Of Brothers,” a story that puts American soldiers at the center of the final World War II counteroffensive against Germany, many Brits weren’t pleased.
However, the show was filmed entirely in the UK and was a boon for British actors and industry professionals alike. The show was a door-opening opportunity for many British actors like Damien Lewis, who played Lieutenant Richard Winters and also featured James McAvoy, Dominic Cooper, Andrew Scott, Simon Pegg, Stephen Graham, Michael Fassbender, and Tom Hardy.
As much as it created opportunities for actors, filming "Band of Brothers" in the UK was also an economic boost across the country's film industry and created jobs for directors, cinematographers, and film technicians. It was also shot on a massive $120 million 12-acre set at a private airfield in Hatfield, England.