Jonathan Adams as Dr. Goodman in Bones
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Why Bones’ Jonathan Adams Left And Never Returned
While “Bones” ran for 12 seasons, not all the actors enjoyed that success. One such person was Jonathan Adams, who left the series after the first season.
Adams played Dr. Goodman, the Jeffersonian Institute’s administrator and boss of Dr. Temperance Brennan. At the end of Season 1, he takes a sabbatical and never returns.
In a TV Guide interview, show creator Hart Hanson revealed the issue wasn’t Adams but his character. Hanson explained that the “Bones” writers were “prying [Goodman] into stories.”
Hanson added, “When I started the series, I thought it would be more lab-centric and that [Bones’] boss, as an administrator, would have a larger role to play.”
He continued, “It just didn’t work that way. David and Emily took off and we were underutilizing this wonderful actor.” Luckily, Adams has since found success as a voice actor.