Emily Deschanel as Temperance Brennan and David Boreanaz as Seeley Booth in Bones
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Why Bones’ Season 11 Finale Was Super ‘Awkward’ Behind The Scenes
Although “Bones” ended after Season 12, Hart Hanson's long-running Fox series came dangerously close to concluding on a cliffhanger after its 11th and penultimate season.
Despite the show's ratings holding steady, the rapidly changing television landscape left the crew unsure if they would have jobs to return to in the fall.
Star Tamara Taylor shared with Assignment X, “It's amazing because season 11 ended and it was pretty uncomfortable, because we didn't know if we were ending it-ending it.”
She added, “They had to write it like it was a series finale as well as a season finale, which was really uncomfortable because we weren't sure if we were saying goodbye forever.”
As they weren’t sure the show would be renewed, Taylor noted the show's writers elected to "sort of split the difference" with the cliffhanger, "which was really awkward.”
“Bones” would get another season, which Taylor remarked, “To know that we were coming back and we got 12 episodes to wrap it up was such a blessing.”