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Why Chainsaw Man's Producers Wanted A First Time Director For The Anime
Adapting “Chainsaw Man” was always going to be a challenge, not just for its violence and sexual content but also for the many genres that the series blends together. Rather than hiring a seasoned director to navigate the nuances and trials of adapting “Chainsaw Man,” MAPPA CEO Manabu Otsuka wanted someone new “to get this sort of bursting raw energy out of the story.”
Ryū Nakayama, who had previously worked on MAPPA's last hit adaptation of a Shonen Jump property, “Jujutsu Kaisen,” was chosen to lead the project after producer Keisuke Seshimo convinced Otsuka Nakayama was suited for the job. As the “Chainsaw Man” manga pushes the boundaries of Shonen Jump, an adaptation would need to match its spirit.
Although the young animator is relatively new, Nakayama directed Episode 19 of “Jujutsu Kaisen,” which featured some of the show's best fight animation. Nakayama also oversaw the EVE animated music video “raison d'etre” and has worked with Tatsuya Yoshihara on several projects, including directing Episode 4 of “Yatterman Night.”
The “Chainsaw Man” adaptation brings a sense of realism to its world while toning down the source material’s humor, making the series more accessible to new audiences who might otherwise be turned off by the anime. With the help of his collaborators, including Yoshihara, Nakayama has had the difficult task of bringing this ambitious show to life.