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Why Deep Space Nine's Quark Is The Greatest Star Trek Character
"Deep Space Nine" stood as a deliberate challenge to the Star Treks that preceded it, as it avoided exploration and opted to explore the nuance of maintaining relations with species whose core beliefs didn’t fit with those of the Federation. For the uninitiated, the Ferengi were one of those species, as they devoted every aspect of their society to commerce as money is deeply involved in every aspect of their lives.
The lessons from "Deep Space Nine" were more forthrightly multicultural than the relatively mannered "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and this is no more evident than with the initially insufferable Ferengi known as Quark and his redeeming character arc. Quark, throughout the series, held deeply devoted to his Ferengi principles including some overt sexism.
However, as a method of juxtaposition, Quark both embodied religious views we see in real life and how living by a strict code isn’t always a bad thing, as long as you’re willing to evolve. Near the end of the series, his character developed into an intelligent and deeply righteous being, with a strict code of honor that made him endearing to many fans, despite his flaws.