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Why Dune: Part Two Decided To Ditch Toddler Alia
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "Dune: Part Two"
In Denis Villeneueve's new hit film "Dune: Part Two," the timeline of events is slightly different than the book, and young Alia is not yet born before the film concludes.
In the film, Jessica has psychic conversations with Alia while she is still a developing fetus. Paul also speaks to Alia in a dream, but she is already an adult.
Spaihts addressed Alia's omission with Mashable, citing practical concerns; he notes that filming in the deserts of Jordan with a real-life toddler would have been difficult.
Additionally, Alia would have to share scenes with large crowds of people. Putting a 6-year-old in that scenario would likely scare them and delay production.
Spaihts added modern technology is advanced enough to make Alia through CGI or motion capture. It is risky as it can create something "unintentionally funny or off-putting."