Eliza Dushku as Faith looking confused in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Why Eliza Dushku Said No To A Buffy Spinoff About Faith
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” remains one of the great TV shows, thanks in no small part to its supporting characters who became just as famous as the titular heroine.
Among these characters is Faith, a fellow slayer who goes from antagonist to ally by the end of the show. As it turns out, the creative team wanted to continue Faith’s story.
While other spinoff ideas failed to take off, a Faith show seemed to have a chance. Writer Tim Minear told the BBC, “The show was basically going to be Faith meets Kung Fu.”
He added, “It would have been Faith, probably on a motorcycle, crossing the earth, trying to find her place in the world.” However, Faith’s actress Eliza Dushku wanted to move on.
Dushku told IGN, “I love Faith. She’s my girl and she’s been really good to me, but I kind of just wanted to try something else. Purely that,” but that wasn’t the only reason.
The actress added, “It would have been a really hard thing to do [...] I think that those would have been really big boots to fill. I think it would have been compared to ‘Buffy.’”