Big Trouble In LIttle China
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Why Kurt Russell Downgraded His Own Big Trouble
In Little
China Role
In “Big Trouble In Little China,” Jack (Kurt Russel) is a noisy American with no knowledge of Chinese magic, charm, and the type of bravery that comes with extreme ignorance.
Jack is even sidelined from the film's climax, comedically spending it face-down, unconscious, on a slab of concrete. Turns out, Russell was involved with that.
In EW’s 2016 oral history of the film, Russell admitted that he's never been very good at hand-to-hand combat, and felt he wouldn't have contributed much without fighting prowess.
Russell recalled making a suggestion to Carpenter: “How about if we come in here, and I'm all excited, and hit the machine gun, and rocks fall on my face, and I'm out?”