Sally Struthers and Jean Stapleton
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Why Sally Struthers Struggles To Watch All In The Family Today
“All In The Family” starred Carroll O’Connor and Jean Stapleton as Archie and Edith Bunker. Sally Struthers played their daughter, Gloria.
When Closer Weekly interviewed Struthers in 2021 to commemorate the show turning 50, she revealed her relationship with O'Connor extended off-camera.
"In 1968, my father passed away. I was feeling bad and fatherless when I got this show. Carroll and his wife, Nancy, turned out to be as parental with me as he was in the show”
“Carroll gave me advice, laughed at my antics, hugged me all the time, and introduced me to my husband! So, by doing that show, I gained a father again," Struthers added.
Struthers remained in touch with O'Connor and Stapleton for the rest of their lives. When she left the show, she had no idea how much she would miss it.
Whenever I see an episode on TV now, I stop for a second, but as soon as I see Carroll or Jean, I get so sad that I have to change the channel," Struthers said.