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Why Technological Limitations Are Vital For Star Trek's Drama
Even with the vast abilities possessed by the characters in "Star Trek," there are still limits, particularly when it comes to their technology. The limitations are vital, largely for dramatic reasons because limitless tech would mean the crew could fix any issue with the simple push of a button.
As author Phil Farrand stated in his unauthorized 1993 sourcebook "The Nitpicker's Guide for Next Generation Trekkers," “If the Enterprise could handily destroy any ship it encountered with its weapons, possessed completely impenetrable shields, and could be 80 galaxies away in a matter of moments, what tensions could it encounter?”
Even though technology limitations are convenient screenwriting contrivances, they reveal how necessary limits are in inventing "Star Trek" stories. A fact that Trekkies have internalized to such a degree, they will often be the first to cry foul when any “Trek” breaks its own rules — and while it does happen a bit, “Star Trek” largely tries to remain consistent in its tech writing.