Frodo in The Lord Of The Rings
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Why The Lord Of The Rings Movies Really Left Out Tom Bombadil
"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" was faithful to the source material in many respects, but Peter Jackson took some artistic license to streamline the plot.
One book subplot excluded from the film involves Tom Bombadil, a jolly yet enigmatic figure who frees the main cast from Old Man Willow and Barrow-wights.
Bombadil is also able to wear the all-powerful One Ring without it corrupting him. Many readers grew attached to him and wondered why the movies left him.
On the topic of Bombadil, Peter Jackson said, "In the plot of 'The Lord of the Rings,' in our movie, in its most simple form, is Frodo carrying the Ring."
"What does Tom Bombadil ultimately really have to do with the Ring? I know there's Ring stuff in the Bombadil episode, but it's not really advancing our story," Jackson continued.
Jackson did consider adding an Easter egg where the hobbits see his cap and flee from his voice, but who knows whether it would have really appeased the ride-or-die Bombadil fans.